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Paying Attention to Attention Deficit Disorder

Adult ADD is real. It’s recognized. And it’s something that can and should be considered when designing at-home work spaces.

Halbesleben, Wheeler and Shanine studied the workplace performance of those with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (2013) and their findings have proven invaluable for designers confronted with this client challenge.
In eliminating distractions and creating “quiet and organized work areas,” clients with ADD are able to focus better on important tasks. The use of organizational items such as baskets and bins that keep objects from view and managing sight lines to hide major distractors such as televisions should be incorporated into the design.

Simple spaces reduce external stimulation. Likewise, keeping things on an even keel help keep distractions at bay. Uniform ventilation, temperature and proper task lighting should all be considered for clients with ADD. Horizontal surfaces should be free of clutter and house only the essentials, like laptops and lamps. Wallpaper, window treatments and upholstery patterns should be kept simple and art work and accessories minimal.

An effective designer never shies away from asking questions that will offer insight into their clients’ unique personalities and individual needs. It’s the key to creating a workspace that works.

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Creating a Comfortable Familiarity

We all have our creature comforts. They’re what make us feel happy. Make us feel secure. And make us feel at home.

Certain design elements enhance those feelings of well-being and should be incorporated into our décor. But first, we need to know how to identify them.

At Fiori Interior Design, we get to know you before we start work. And part of that process includes helping you conjure up memories of experiences that evoke positive emotions. From those memories we can isolate colors, textures and shapes as well as furniture, room layout and accessories to serve as our core elements.

For example, if a client recalls fondly the act of baking cookies with her mother, we delve deeper, asking what the kitchen looked like. What colors they remember and what kind of art work or shelving adorned the walls. We then take those sensory memories and replicate them. The yellow kitchen walls of childhood represent warmth and love and using that same palate in another space will carry that feel-good emotion into that area.

Likewise, items collected from travels, meaningful gifts and family treasures are familiar and uplifting possessions that should be displayed and cherished within the home.

Our homes are such a huge part of our souls. By focusing on the positive core elements of a space, we create a desirable, comforting and pleasing place in which to live, entertain and relax.

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Seeing things in a new light

Sometimes, decorating is more scientific than it seems. We at Fiori Interior Design make it our business to stay on top of the latest research and findings all across the board. Because you never know what’s going to shed some light on our latest projects.

The light of day 

Research tells us that lighting design has a direct link to reducing depression in patients and that those who are exposed to bright, natural light, predominately in the morning, had reduced depression, agitation and improved sleep and circadian rhythms. Intense sunlight in hospital rooms significantly decreases stress, pain and the need for pain meds.*

Reasoning tells us that we can apply that principle in lighting our homes.

The guiding light

Fiori Interior Design pays close attention to the natural light in every room, taking into account the sun’s changing patterns throughout the day. We place furniture and choose window treatments with optimal sunlight exposure in mind and augment with lighting for the most desirable effect.

Lighting can make a cold room warm, a dark space bright and a dull area shine. We reflect upon how the space is to be used and where ambient, task and accent lighting works best. We look at different sizes, shapes and types of fixtures. We consider wattage and bulb choice and add dimmers so you can change the ambiance of your room whenever you want.

Fiori Interior Design knows what works best, looks best, and makes you feel best.

Our goal is to light up your life as well as your home.

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In an industry where individuality is paramount, you deserve a firm unique in its approach.  Fiori Interior Design does things a little differently to assure personalities, tastes and lifestyles are in sync with practicality, efficiency and budget. Give us a call. We’d love to get to know you and help you customize your home.

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