• I have known Betsy for over 20 years, and can unequivocally say that she is among the best writers I know. I met Betsy when we worked together at CNBC where she was head writer for all our marketing communication to consumers, affiliates, and sales staff. Her writing is inventive, clever, and compelling. Betsy has that rare talent of being able to write business copy as well as smart, witty, creative text. Betsy is also one of the nicest, easiest people to work with. Despite her immense talent, she leaves her ego behind, listens well, and always delivers (on time) better than expected. She has my total and complete endorsement

    Lyn Familant (Former VP Marketing, CNBC)
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Betsy on many projects over the past several years, and she continues to impress me time and time again. As the owner of a creative agency, I was thrilled to find a copywriter who is creative, reliable and responsive. I have really come to depend on Betsy, and she is in integral part of my creative team.

    Leeann DeMito, Owner, Design Del Sole
  • We count on Betsy for fast, thorough and professional writing for all our corporate needs. Whether it’s brand-savvy blog posts or lightning-fast social media messaging, Betsy is our go-to writer. You simply can’t find another writer with Betsy’s speed, insight into on-brand messaging and instinctive knowledge of what makes users click.

    Maria A., Library Video Company
  • I met Betsy through our son’s travel baseball team several years ago. We hired her to help with my son’s college essay writing and when I read how eloquently she was able to take his words and transform them, I fell in love with her style of writing. I knew I had to hire her to help me out with the writing/marketing end of my interior design business. Betsy and I have been working together now for almost two years. She has saved me hours of agonizing about written content for my monthly newsletters and weekly blogs. I can simply give her my thoughts on what content I’d like to write about and, most importantly, she writes them in my voice. My business has never been busier, in part because of these newsletters.

    Terri Fiori, Owner/Principal Designer, Fiori Interior Design
  • Betsy’s blog makes me smile, laugh, cringe, and mostly, relate. Under all the easy-to-read, sometimes self deprecatory stories, Betsy’s writing is sentimental and uplifting. Many a time, I’ve told friends to read Betsy’s blog because something will remind me of one of her stories, and I want to share her spin on it, Her blog is the modern day Please Don’t Eat the Daisies; Betsy is the contemporary Erma Bombeck. She is real and a treasure, she’s community and family-oriented, and she’ll crack you up.

    Madelyn Brown
  • I have enjoyed working closely with Betsy, who was invaluable in helping me organize the marketing and social media for a major convention in Atlantic City. She has a real gift for imaginative and funny posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Betsy writes sparkling copy for our website, brochures and print advertisements. She also thinks strategically and can appeal to any target audience. Best of all, Betsy keeps everyone laughing with her quick wit and ability to make just the right joke in any situation.

    Diego Ibarra, D1 MGMT